Continuing Journey of Softwarization

The founders of Digitize Things™ pioneered the softwarization of mobile networks at their previous startup, Connectem™, by successfully transforming physical network boxes into coherent set of virtualized software. Connectem was acquired by Brocade, and its architecture was later validated and adopted by the industry as 5G architecture that includes IoT among other promising features. 

As IoT solutions continue to digitize large swathes of the physical world, these solutions typically comprise of discrete services and components from various vendors. While each vendor continuously adds innovative enhancements to their individual components, bringing these cumulative inventions together to solve a specific business problem, results in what the IDC calls “multiplied innovation. 

Traditional IT systems were designed to work within the confines of a single enterprise. There is, however, a growing need for crossparty workflow orchestration and a frictionless business platform that seamlessly supports order fulfilment, subscription management, and efficient monetization.

While the first generation of subscription management platforms handle software elements, Cumulator is designed to efficiently handle the provisioning and transactions in multi-form, multi-service & multi-vendor solutions. The result is a simplified experience that allows a customer to focus on business outcomes. This is our journey. Come join us as we march into a future of “Everything as Service. 


Cumulator Business Platform  – driving growth through the ecosystem