Cumulator - Supercharge Multi-Vendor IoT Solutions

IoT solutions are composite digital products with sensors, software applications and managed connectivity, each typically from an independent provider. Each solution involves the participation of multiple parties to design, partner, market, and manage customer experience.

Cumulator is a business platform, designed to manage this complexity of composition, orchestration and monetization of Multi-Vendor IoT Solutions from the ground up.

Move Up
The Value Chain

Solution selling not only increases the top & bottom line but provides higher customer satisfaction and loyalty

Enable Multiple Sales Channels

IoT Solutions are consumed differently across various segments therefore multichannel approach is essential

Optimize Operations

Operational efficiency is the key to making
multi-party relations frictionless

Solution-selling increases both, the top line and the bottom line, while also delivering higher customer satisfaction and loyalty

Operational efficiency is critical to making
multi-party relations frictionless

Buyers in different segments are comfortable buying from different channels, mandating a multichannel sales approach 

Move Up
The Value Chain


Enable Multiple
Sales Channels


Conceive Solutions

Interested in solving a business problem with IoT? Cumulator has everything from contracting vendors to transacting a sale

Compose Components

Want to include cloud storage, analytics, security or third-party installation?  Pick from a list of complementary vendors 

Publish Package

Own the market – Define pricing, promotion & fulfillment; Create unique campaigns, engagement models and support options


Sell Solutions

Customize to suit your customer’s needs, the fulfilment will be orchestrated accordingly

Increase Revenues

Offer richer value propositions by strategically or opportunistically aligning with right partners

Satisfy Customers

Delight the customer with simplified experience, delivery and post-sales engagement 


Manage Contracts

Digitally manage life-cycle of contracts with vendors and customers

Automate Rev-Share

Automatically settle with contributing parties with transparency

Manage Subscriptions

Make on-demand changes to services levels of sub-services of the solution

Praise from our clients

Praise from our clients

Cumulator Business Platform – driving growth through the ecosystem